Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

General Partner

Recovering programmer, UX design geek, craving new products to explore.

Andrew Parker has been a member of the investment team at Spark Capital since 2010. He focuses primarily on the applications layer of the technology stack in consumer services. He led Spark’s investments in, CoverKik, PanjoPriceonomics, SocraticTimehopQuantopian, and Upworthy.

Andrew’s venture career started in 2006 with Union Square Ventures, during which time he supported the partners as they built their portfolio from 7 to 30 companies.

Prior to USV, Andrew was a Producer at Homestead Technologies where he designed web interfaces and conducted user-experience testing. Andrew also worked for as a Web Developer on a service to allow groups to make decisions and edit documents together asynchronously.

Andrew graduated from Stanford in 2005, with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems, which is a hybrid of Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology.

You can find Andrew writing regularly on his blog, The Gong Show.