Spark Capital is a bi-coastal boutique venture firm. We partner with bold entrepreneurs who are passionate about reaching millions of people through new ideas in design and technology.


We stand for entrepreneurs. We know it is their company and we act accordingly. We are a founder’s strongest advocate, and their product’s biggest fan. We believe design and technology go hand in hand. We take risks on brilliant people and products that move us—market and model be damned.

Founded in 2005, we manage approximately $1,825,000,000 across five funds. We are in Boston, New York, and San Francisco, and we invest wherever we see the right opportunities. We are currently investing Spark IV, a $450,000,000 fund raised in 2013 and Spark Capital Growth Fund, a $375,000,000 fund raised in 2014.

We keep our team small so this stays personal, because it is. And we keep our funds large enough to be able to stick with a company through the tough times and larger rounds. One thing you’ll notice about our bios is that no two backgrounds on our team are alike. This is a feature, not a bug. We all invest in similar areas, but we offer different perspectives. This allows us to help our founders with whatever challenges they may face.


Our sweet spot is early stage startups, generally the first venture round, with a focus on Internet and mobile investments. But we will also invest as little as $500,000 to partner closely with a founder at the seed stage or as much as $25,000,000 to help an emerging winner establish category leadership. From first-time founders to seasoned entrepreneurs, we support passionate individuals who aim to transform important markets or create entirely new ones.

We like to say that we invest with a ‘consumer lens.’ This means that we look at a potential investment through the eyes of the ultimate user it serves. Whether it is a marketplace, social network, SaaS business, mobile platform, advertising solution, hardware company or something entirely new, we look for companies who obsess about the end consumer above all else.


Partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs is Spark’s first principle.

We don’t simply study markets; we are active users of the products in which we invest.

Amazing products can create new markets you could never analyze your way into.

There should be ‘venture’ in venture capital; we like risk and are not afraid to take it.

We invest our time and our heart, no matter the size of the check.

Exceptional companies are exceptions; we’re willing to break our own rules for the right ones.